“What would Jesus’ emoji be?”

March 9, 2020 • in News & Events

“If Jesus will visit your social media account and posts today, what emoji would He used to react to it?” Asked Kerr Vincent Basarte during his topic presentation on becoming a digital influencer.

A young mother of two confessed, “I have seen how technology and the internet has crippled us from doing the normal things in our everyday life. This training has equipped me and my husband to do our share to enrich the lives of our friends and would be friends through socmed.”

This happened as 30 participants composed of local communication leaders, teachers, students, came and learn why and how smartphones and socmed are a powerful tool partners for evangelism, at the two-day Digital Evangelism training conducted for the local church district of New Corella at Mesaoy Adventist Church.

On the second day, participants immersed themselves to a full-day of hands-on activities where everyone got to enhance their gained knowledge in photo and video editing using their smartphones. “Thank you for bringing this training to us,” says one ICT teacher who works for a government school. “We can also use this to create Sabbath reports to enhance and enrich our worship experiences.”

As the event concluded, everyone was treated to a photo exhibit and shortfilm fest if their works, while also gulping down a cup or a plateful of the all-time-favorite, “binignit”, prepared for by the members of the local church in Mesaoy.

Meanwhile, 45 young people from San Jose Adventist Church and two media clubs based in Davao del Sur received their Certificate of Completion as the Digital Evangelism Training on March 1 at San Jose Adventist Church (SJSDAC) in San Jose, Digos City.

“We need to help in spreading the Gospel of the Three-Angels Message thru the social media,” says Pr. Emerson Mañacap, the church pastor of SJSDAC, during his devotional message at San Jose Adventist Church.

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