ASI reaffirms members through Bi-Province Fellowship

May 7, 2018 • in News & Events

When there are so many business activities today – escalation of local entrepreneurship, wild prediction on economic growth overtaking China, rapid investments, and development of manufacturing, which will certainly impact citizens down to the rock bottom, it is quite impossible not to be swayed by the current market frenzy. However, with the love to work for Christ, our brethren who labor in the vast external field see it a high time to translate their mission in “sharing the gospel in the marketplace” to a more personal commitment.

In resurgence to keep the passion of embodying Christ aflame in an epoch when business-as-usual situation has always consumed our laypeople’s day, Adventist Laymen Services and Industries or ASI, a subsidiary outgrowth organization of the Stewardship Department unified its members, on   Sabbath, April 28 at Tagum Central Adventist Church. It was a Bi-Province Sabbath Fellowship headed by Pastor Jasper Love Panuncio, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries director for the Adventist Church in Davao region. The gathering was attended and participated by ASI members and leaders from Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley that spent the whole Sabbath rendering their share during the morning and afternoon worship.

Pastor Panuncio highlighted the ASI mission and principles through a lecture in the Sabbath School Program while the Divine Worship sermon was delivered by Pastor Solomon Mongaya, who underscored the essence of involvement of church members in the advancement of Christ’s work in their work places. During the afternoon service, the value of leadership through a lecture entitled, “Effective Leadership Characteristics” was emphasized by Pastor Panuncio.

The special music rendered by the Echo Messengers, Tagum Central’s Blazing Tehilla, and AY Choir, Tagum Central Voice Ambassadors were blessings to the attendees.

The pastors nd ASI leaders from the two provinces of Davao MMission,including Pr. Fidel Ebajo, Pr. Solito Bontor, Pr. Macario Talledo, Pr. Joel Lloren, Pr. Bonifacio Cruzada , and Mr. Jonathan Maslog supported the fellowship with their participation.

Life testimonies of ASI members who shared their personal encounter with God inspired the congregation. Later, ASI officers were enjoined through an act of reaffirmation and prayer as these leaders commit to sharing the gospel to the public.

The messages drove the idea of the meaning of Christian leadership and example as the church teaches that innate leadership responsibility is endowed to those who are in the position wherever.

“A good leader commits his life to God” Panuncio remarked prior to the reaffirmation of ASI officers in the afternoon service.

ASI, a self-supporting ministry accentuates the role of businessmen and professionals to proclaim the everlasting truth to where ministers may not always have access—the business world. It purports that industry workers, including businessmen, educators, and other professional take a share in the mission of making Christ’s love known to the world by making work a key to open opportunities to reach the unreached.

ASI group of local SDA churches in the provinces of Davao del Norte and ComVal is still on the rise, young in years but fully committed to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. [Guia Flordemarlin]



[Guia Flordemarlin]

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