Malita youths surprise couples to celebrate love month

February 24, 2021 • in News & Events

February is that time of the year when you can genuinely feel that “Love is in the air.” It’s the perfect opportunity for the ‘torpe’ to confess their feelings and for couples to reassure each other’s feelings once again. Not only that, but it can also serve as the time for reconciliation and forgiveness, making way for second chances for the love that once was lost. 

 Of course, even amidst the pandemic, the Malita SDA Church won’t miss the chance, and they found the perfect occasion to celebrate for this month – the reaffirmation of the marriage vows, which was last observed around 14 years ago and will only happen for the second time in this church. The church does this to enhance good relationships in the family and intimacy between husband and wife. It is also following the church’s Christian Home Week Celebration. 

 The Malita Youth was tasked to be the said event’s facilitators, from preparation to the conclusion. The work was not easy as only a few individuals were available due to ongoing online classes and other essential responsibilities. Also, the youth are inexperienced in this kind of event. Most of the time, they only help around but never actually handled them. For sure, this was a big challenge.

 But instead of worrying, the Malita Youth immediately set preparations for the big day. Determined to make the occasion successful, they put their best on the job since day one and pushing through all the work, making a significant improvement day by day. After about a week of hard work, the youth has everything put in order nicely. The decorations were magnificent, the seats were correctly organized, the sequence of events was decided, and the stage was set for the big day. 

 “The preparation process was tiring. We were not sure of the decorations, and we did not have enough time.” Sister Geralyn Fiel, the Youth Leader of the church, said. “But we just carried on the job because we know that the hard work will pay off, and we were also excited because this is going to be our first time witnessing such an event.”

 February 13, Saturday, it was finally time for the long-awaited day for the reaffirmation of the marriage vows. The occasion was to take place in the afternoon, so the morning worship proceeded normally. By afternoon at 2 pm, everyone was ready and is raring to go.

 The ceremony started with a melodious song along with the parade of the entourage. Behind them are 15 joyous couples patiently waiting for their entrance. The wedding march was very solemn and beautiful. The smiles etched on the couples’ faces were divine, a sign of their overflowing happiness at the moment. 

“I think it’s only normal for anyone to be blissful during their wedding. It just feels great to be wed again, especially in a church. The feeling is different from when we were first wed outside the church.” said Mrs. Maricar Casuga, one of the couples, in a pleased voice.

 After the march, Pr. Irnie Hemoroz, the officiating pastor at the wedding, made a short message about love, not just for the couples but also for everyone listening. When the sermon was done, it was, at last, time for the exchange of vows.

 One by one, the couples told each other sweet words of adoration and promises. The audience felt ‘kilig’ for the lovebirds as if they were in a romantic film. The overwhelming love of the re-newlyweds filled the venue. Everyone felt not a shred of negative emotion during that moment. 

 Sadly, that euphoric moment did not last for a long time as the program has to continue and move on to the next part, the simultaneous slicing of cakes and toast of wines. It was a sign of adherence to their promises and to celebrate their renewed vows. 

 After that was, of course, the reception, it was just a small ‘salo-salo,’ but everyone had their fill. After dinner, it was time for the youth to clean up and go home.

 The day has finally come to an end. It was short but very well enjoyed. The couples were delighted and thankful for everyone who prepared and attended the wedding. They said that this is going to be one of the unforgettable moments in their lives. It was a day of only pure joy and happiness – indeed a day to remember. (Ivan Jay Obusa/Malita Youth | Photos by Irnie Hemoroz)

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