Sullano speaks to Davao Mission workers

January 16, 2014 • in News & Events


Pastor Lemuel Sullano, a former worker of Davao Mission and has migrated to the United States, spoke during the devotional of the Workers Meeting at the mission office. Pastor Lem, who has stayed in the United States for five years now spoke on the importance of staying true to the end-time message as end-time people.

Experiences of spiritual challenges in the church and excerpts from the Spirit of Prophecy books he shared.

“I miss this mission field! I praise the Lord for He has blessed me and family. For now, my wife is only working regularly for us. Our three kids are in school and with all the bills and expenses incurred every month, we always praise the Lord for through all these, at the end of the day, we still have a little saving to keep,” he shared.

He especially emphasized on the importance of stewardship and guarding our faith.

“God is faithful to you when you are faithful to Him in returning the Tithes and offerings,” he stressed, with the affirmation of the pastors.

Pastor Lem and his family will be in Davao for few days and will be back very soon to Maryland where they are currently residing.

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