AWR HopeRadio celebrates God greatness in Matanao

April 24, 2019 • in News & Events

MATANAO, Davao del Sur – Every day brings a gift of sorts and now, the time has come! The first ever Listener’s Fellowship of 107.1 Hope Radio Davao (Matanao Studio) with the theme: Broadcasting the Advent Hope in Christ. Visitors from far and near and Non-Adventists’ listeners from different places upon the reach of the Hope Radio Program gathered in awe to witness an inviolable invitation to celebrate God’s greatness among them. Aside from being able to provide words of inspiration and new methods to strengthen spiritual life, Hope Radio emphasizes the significance of brotherhood and good-fellowship to pursue the mission of God and to bring it back to life again.

As part of the program, Pr. Heshbon Buscato, the Director of Communication/Media of South Philippine Union Conference, Cagayan de Oro City, take part on promoting the media ministry. In much pleasure, people behind the programs on-air – the media missionaries – was proudly recognized by the Director of Communication and Adventist Media, Bro. Rhoen Shane Catolico, following in time is the commitment prayer rendered by Pr. Edwin Magdadaro, the Chairman of Davao Mission Media Board. Challenge and Prayer to the sponsors who are in good manner supporting the program in all cost has been offered by Dr. Jonathan Catolico, the President of the Hope Channel Philippines.

Studied by the American Psychological Association, people who believe in oneness – the idea that everything in the world is connected and interdependent – appear to have greater life satisfaction than those who don’t, regardless of whether they belong to a religion or not. This program aims to gather and meet up with the listeners and strengthen the support of the Adventist Media sponsors together with the people behind this said ministry. Additionally, to promote the Hope Radio and invite more listeners through the present attendees and to let them know that the Lord has blessed the ministry thru its fourth year of existence.
As a fruit of broadcasting the advent hope in Christ, few precious souls receive the sacred baptism and among the knot is a 20-year bible preacher of El Shaddai, Mark Balbas together with his wife, Precy Balbas, made a commitment to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

At a time of misplacement and misery when people are under attack of various obstacles in the world, it’s a relief, for us to believe that there will always be One, Divine Creator who will held on the hope that will unite us and will keep us firm until the end! (Princess Mae D. Caliusan)

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