Davao Mission pays tribute to the Patalinghugs

April 27, 2018 • in News & Events

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Davao region thanked Pastor Jerry C. Patalinghug and Mrs. Marife Modillas-Patalinghug for their exemplary service to the church during a send-off program at Davao Mission Conference Hall on April 25.

Pr. Patalinghug served as president of Davao Mission (DM) for seven years and four months making him the longest-serving president, to date. During his term, he conducted numerous evangelistic meetings, which resulted to very significant increase in church membership and additional new church buildings. It was also during his term that a new multipurpose building was erected within the mission compound, which now house the Mission Foods, Philippine Publishing House (Davao branch), and the Adventist Media Center, where HopeChannel Davao and HopeRadio Davao Studios are located.

Labeled as an energetic president he is also described by his subordinates as a sincere servant of God.

Pastor Edwin Magdadaro, the new DM president stated, he had seen Pr. Patalinghug as a sincere worker of God. “While working together, I saw lots of things that he has done, especially in evangelism and the resolution of conflict between Davao Mission and the Loud Cry Ministries. His invaluable unique style of leadership will always be valued and remembered,” Magdadaro added.

Pastor William Nacorda, DM health director, for his part, complimented Mrs. Marife Patalinghug, the out-going director of Family and Children’s Ministries, and her indefatigable service to her departments and to the ministry. Nacorda also praised her for selfless support to her husband and the ministry they were into.

The Patalinghugs expressed their gratitude to Davao Mission for the support they gave during their tenure of service. During his short speech, Pr. Patalinghug encouraged the workers to continue the unity they have started. “I would like to tell everybody that unity is very important. In unity, there is strength, in unity, there is success, and in unity, there is progress,” he said.

Pr. Jerry has assumed office in April as the Ministerial and Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries director of the South Philippine Union Conference, the Adventist Church headquarters in Mindanao. Meanwhile, Mrs. Marife will continue her service with Davao Mission and will join her husband by May 2018.

Davao Mission is indeed grateful for these leaders. Their dedication, passion, and commitment to serve are incomparable and immeasurable. What they did to Davao Mission will always be remembered.

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