Convention empowers Women to be Beautiful for God

October 26, 2015 • in News & Events


Women from the different local conferences and missions under the South Philippine Union Conference gathered together at the special event for the – designed to give importance to the women whose lives are committed to the ministry. Old and young alike, joined hand-in-hand to witness the spectacular event of their lives as a part of the ministry. This event took place on October 21-24 at Mountain View College in Valencia, Bukidnon.

With the initiative of SPUC Women’s and Pink Ministries Director, Mrs. Rufina “Pinky” Gulfan, the event was a memorable one. Meanwhile, Pr. Edwin Gulfan, president of the Adventist Church in Mindanao, gave the opening message that gave much to the delight and eagerness of everyone. The opening night was colorful through the fireworks display. A parade of colors started the new morning during the second day of the event.

Davao Mission sent in 625 delegates where it also showcased incomparable talents in field demonstration, hand mimes, cultural presentation, and other works of their hands, hearts, and minds.

Mrs. Heather-Dawn Small, Director of the Women Ministries of the worldwide Adventist Church, delivered a wonderful but powerful message telling women that God wants to use their beauties. She also encouraged women that to be beautiful for God: “One must set aside material and physical beauties– what is important is your character,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Helen Gulfan, Women Ministries Director of the Adventist Church in the Southern Asia-Pacific region shared her personal experiences about the ministry with her late husband, Pr. Alberto Gulfan, “I overcame trials and experienced how important it is to trust in God.” The delegates were touched and removed from the messages, and there respond to the calling was positive.

The event ended with wonderful experiences as each woman gave her life and commitment to the ministry. [Vecente Macalua]

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