Camporee ends on high note as 31 accepts Christ

March 3, 2014 • in News & Events


“My decision for baptism has to be put-off over and over again for some reasons that I can’t understand,” says Mary Albeona Kit Santos, when she accepted the call to be baptized. “God works miraculously and wonderfully in His time,” she continued.

After her very inspiring story, she wouldn’t know that her testimony of accepting Christ as her Savior has become an appeal to her younger sister, Maria Alona Kim Santos, who followed her steps on stage. This short but very inspiring picture of acceptance has since touched everyone’s heart, thus, having 29 more come to the stage and yielded their lives to the Lord.

“I don’t want you, Pathfinders, to blame us that we didn’t challenge you to be baptized,” appealed Master Guide (MG)  Zarcarias Escobidal, Senior Unit Leader of the 2nd Davao Mission-wide Academy Pathfinder Camporee. “We have challenged you in the Pendulum, Monkey Bridge, Flying Fox, Wall Climbing, and Rapelling stations, and you all accepted the challenge! Now, this is your ultimate challenge! Now, who’s going to take it?” he continued.

“This is indeed the work of the Holy Spirit,” says a teary-eyed MG Jemsly Lantaya, youth ministries director of the Seventh-day Adventist Church headquarters in Davao. “Our efforts are in vain unless, He steps in! We praise Him for these precious Pathfinders who accepted the challenge. My only prayer is, may these young people stand firm in their newfound faith. To Him be the glory and honor!” Lantaya said.

Three other Pastors- MG Arnulfo Allarse, MG Harlie Ybañez, and MG Lito Magsico joined Lantaya in the waters as they performed the ceremony.

The day ended with Pathfinders on a brief hike around the campus of South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC).

After a short meal break, the delegates again gathered for the awarding and citations. The flares and fireworks suddenly illuminated the skies and the electric power-less campus signalling the end of the five-day event!

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