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January 8, 2021 • in News & Events


The covid19 pandemic has taken over the world. Activities held outside and require gatherings are no longer allowed. As such, face to face evangelism is also prohibited. This, however, did not stop Adventists from preaching the gospel. Instead, they went to online platforms such as Facebook and youtube to continue the work of God. The Malita Youth, in particular, took on the #10daychallenge and went live on Facebook everyday for 10 days to preach the gospel.

The challenge wasn’t easy especially on day one. Technical difficulties were encountered, views were low, and the youth wasn’t getting that much support from the church. But these didn’t discourage them from doing the challenge. With God’s guidance, the Malita Youth pushed through, they put in more effort on the work, and strived harder to get those precious views so they could spread the word of God to more people.

The empowered Malita Adventist Youth who ran the Ten Days Evangelistic effort. (Photo by Irnie Hemoroz)

By halfway through the challenge, the Malita Youth has become accustomed to going live everyday and less and less issues are experienced. Views were almost doubled and the support from the church was overflowing. The youths were joyful knowing that they are doing a great job and that the church had their backs. It gave them a new inspiration to go harder than ever in preaching the gospel.

Now, on the final stretch of the challenge, the situation has dramatically improved. Almost no technical difficulties were encountered and more people are watching the live on facebook. Even the snacks after the show went from bread and butter to a small banquet.

“With the help of the #10daychallenge, not only were we able to spread the Word of God to the people watching on Facebook, it also has a great impact on our faith as well.” said Sister Geralyn Fiel, one of the preachers of the 10 day challenge.

Brother Rovan Opong also said that with the help of this challenge, the confidence levels of the Malita Youth were given a huge boost. They are now more eager to accept when given an opportunity to take part on a program.

Pr. Irnie Hemoroz (center) with the event speakers. (Photo by Irnie Hemoroz)

Truly, the prayers for a successful #10daychallenge were answered. Although the challenge may not have the greatest effect on the world, but by setting fire to a candle and passing it on, we will slowly but surely light up the world.

Continue the ripple, spread the Word of God. We have kindled the fire, it is now your turn to accept it and do your part. Let it be known that “Jesus is the Answer”. (Ivan Jay Obusa/Malita Youth)

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