Peñaplata Adventist Women: Stronger in Faith, One in Christ!

March 29, 2021 • in News & Events

In celebration of Women’s Month, the WOMEN ACT, or We Organize, Motivate, Encourage, Nurture and Actuate Christian Traits, the Women’s Ministries of the Peñaplata Seventh-day Adventist Church, successfully conducted the Women Festival on March 27-28, held in the Island Garden City of Samal. Its Women Ministry Leaders, Rose Sheena N. Arnibal and Sis. Charon Rose Arconila spearheaded this event. The theme of this two-day activity is “WOMEN ACT: Stronger in Faith as one in Christ.”

The Sabbath day was more remarkable as women took all the parts and participated in the Sabbath School and Divine Worship services. The highlight of the morning program is the sermon given by Sis. Ritchie Sasil Palma, wife of Pastor Pacifico Palma, Jr., entitled, “A Woman of Worth.” She emphasized that many of our women have low self-esteem and presented ways to overcome it.

Ms. Richie Sasil-Palma, wife of the district Pastor Pacifico Palma, Jr., delivered the message highlighting the morning’s services.

The Women’s Festival of Talents took place in the afternoon, where women showcased their talents role-playing, The Story of Abigail. Song renditions, and even delivery of Spoken Poetry entitled, “Ang Mga Babae sa Bibliya.” The most exciting part was doing the “Women of the Bible Contest,” where five (5) contestants excellently represented women of faith in the Bible wearing costumes made from indigenous or recyclable materials. Each received prizes according to their ranking. The winners were: 1st place – Sis. Mayumi Takenaka as Deborah; 2nd place: Sis. Junamie B. Pague as Mary Magdalene; 3rd Place: Sis. Axel Rose Abing, and tied in the 4th place were Sis. Ramelyn Turpias as Hannah and Sis. Angelie Dahuya as Ruth.

After the sundown worship, almost all church members went to Eagle’s Nest Beach Resort to continue the celebration. On the evening, the women experienced “A Night to Remember”designed to strengthen their bond with each other and faith in Christ.

The next day, March 28, the group had an early morning devotional and played exciting games, to wit: amazing race (physical, mental and spiritual challenges), sack race; Maria went to Town (for women 45 years old and up), blowing flour, “criminal-and-police-catching”, and egg-catching.

Smiles plastered on everyone’s faces, especially the Peñaplata Adventist Women, as the program ended late that night.

Peñaplata Seventh-day Adventist Church is located is one of the Adventist churches of Davao Misison, in the Babak district, under the leadership of Pr. Pacifico Palma, Jr.. (by Rose Sheena N. Arnibal)

(Photos submitted by Ms. Rose Sheena N. Arnibal)

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